1,000 ACRES

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It’s the alarm clock.  Time to start your day.

As Leaders, the first thing we usually focus on is the most pressing challenge about work.  “I need to get this one thing done or I will risk (this awful thing).”   It takes over your mind doesn’t it?

Now imagine opening your dresser drawer for a pair of socks to find an envelope with your name on it.







Where did this come from?  How’d they get into my house? What’s going on here? – Right?

Opening the envelope, you find a Deed, properly executed with your name on it.

It’s for one thousand acres of land.

A note says that you can:

  • Develop this land any way you wish, and that
  • All the resources for a full – complete – successful life can be found within the boundaries of the property

There is no invoice – it’s a gift.

Where do you start?  Didn’t your day begin with a pressing issue related to Work?  Most people would start there.

In Coaching Leaders over the last 28 years, we always focus on the need to “Balance” the individual characteristics of a complete life.  Too many times though, it’s tempting to get so focused on one aspect of “Life” that we might not pay enough attention to the other areas that are just as important.

The concept of “Life Balance” presumes that we can find “Perfect” and eliminate any tension between competing interests.  Unfortunately, I’ve never seen that play out in anyone’s life (including mine).   We tend to hyper-focus on one or two aspects – hoping to catch up in the other areas “someday.”

So, what if you divided your 1,000 acres (which is a metaphor for your life) into equal plots of land of 125 acres each – and develop each plot around the 8 main categories of Life that successful people manage well.  It might look like this:

125 Acres focused on  ……  Career

125 Acres focused on  ……  Fun & Leisure

125 Acres focused on  ……  Home Environment

125 Acres focused on  ……  Money/Finances

125 Acres focused on  ……  Physical Health

125 Acres focused on  ……  Friends/Family

125 Acres focused on  ……  Spouse/Partner

125 Acres focused on  ……  Personal Growth

This does two things:

  1. Provides some boundaries so that any one category can’t consume another.
  2. Reminds us that for our life to “really work” we need all the areas developed.

To find out how you are doing in each category, rank your “Personal Satisfaction” with each category from 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest.  Any area where you have a low score would be one to focus on.

Yes, we have to conquer the work related things, that’s how we fund the other categories.  But, just for a minute, consider how much smoother life at work would be if all the other categories were functioning well.

APPLICATION:  Create a list of the Categories above, and review them each day for the next week before you close up shop.  With that review in mind, I wonder what adjustments you’ll make in planning the following week’s schedule?

Dan Mirgon


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