Our 3 Main Areas of Focus

What Others Are Saying

Dan has a passion for his clients!  He brings years of experience to bear on every project he takes on for those he serves.  I recommend him highly!

Douglas Shaw,  Chairman/CEO at Douglas Shaw and Associates

Dan is a man of trust and integrity. He has a very solid understanding of working with and helping organizations. He really “gets it” as few people do. He offers advice that is “time tested” and reliable. He brings a much needed outside perspective to those interested in growth. He can help you reach your next level.

Joel Pilcher,  Steering Committee Member at Acts Freedom Farms

Dan is highly motivated by a deep appreciation for the work of faith-based nonprofit organizations and the people who staff them.  His high level of expertise as a financial advisor is rare within his profession, and he is very skilled at identifying the problem and creating the right mix of solutions.

Derryck McLuhan, Independent Ministry Leader